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New Testament Bible Teachings

 Date Title Download
Apr 27, 2022 Romans Part 1 Justification" Pastor Ryan Snyder
Mar 30, 2022 Acts Part 3 "Jesus, the Risen Lord" Pastor Ryan Snyder 
Mar 23, 2022 Acts Part2 "Jesus, the Risen Lord" Pastor RyanSnyder
Mar 16, 2022 Acts Part 1 "Jesus, the Risen Lord" Pastor Ryan Snyder 
Feb 23, 2022 John Part 2 "Jesus, the Son of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder 
Feb 16, 2022 John Part 1 "Jesus, the Son of God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 
Jan 25, 2022 Luke Part 2 "Jesus, the Son of Adam" Pastor Ryan Snyder 
Jan 19, 2022 Luke Part 1 "Jesus, the Son of Adam"  Pastor Ryan Snyder
Dec 29, 2021 Mark Part 2 "Jesus, the Son of Man" Pastor Ryan Snyder
Dec 19, 2021 Mark Part 1 "Jesus, the Son of Man" Pastor Ryan Snyder
Dec 15, 2021 Matthew Part 2 "Jesus the Son of Dvid" Pastor Ryan Snyder
Nov 17, 2021 Matthew Part 1 "Jesus the Son of Dvid" Pastor Ryan Snyder
March 7, 2021 2 John v2  "Are You Filled with the Spirit?"  Pastor Ron Snyder
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