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Sermons by Pastor Ron Snyder

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Matthew 12:9-14 "God's Mercy on the Sabbath"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  10/24/2021  
Matthew 12:1-8 "Christ, the Lord of  the Sabbath"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  10/17/2021  
Matthew 11:28-30 "Is the Gospel  Good News?" Part 2 10/10/2031  
Matthew 11:25-27 "Is the Gospel Good News?" Part 1 10/3/2021
Matthew 11:20-24  "The Response of Indifference"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/26/2021
Matthew 11-16-19  "The Response of Criticism" Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/19/2021
Matthew 11:7-15 "We Seeking Christ's Approval? 9/12/2021  
Matthew 11:1-6 "Do You Ever Doubt Your Faith?" 9/5/2021
Matthew 10:40-42 "A Disciple Looks to Christ, the Reward" Pastor Ryan Snyder  8/29/2021
Matthew 10:34-39 "Loving Christ the Lord Most" Pastor Ryan Snyder  8/22/2021
Matthew 10:32-33 "True Disciple Confess the Lord's Jesus Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder  8/15/2021
Matthew 10:27-31 "Who or What Do You Fear?" 8/8/2021
Matthew 10:24-26 "Do You Fear Openly  Serving Jesus?" 8/1/2021
Matthew 10:16-23 "We Are Sheep Sent Among Wolves" Pastor Ryan Snyder  7/25/2021
Matthew 10:5-15 "Christ's Principles for Ministry"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 7/18/2021
Matthew 10:1-4 "Are Their Apostles Like 'the 12' Today?" 7/11/2021
Matthew 9:35-38 "Do We Rescue Sinners from God's Judgement?" 7/4/2021
Matthew 9:33b-35 "Respinding to Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder  6/27/2021
Matthew  9:27-33a "Miracles of Sight and Sound" Pastor Ryan Snyder  6/20/2021
Matthew 9:18-26 "Do We See Our Need for Divine Healing?" 6/13/2021
Matthew 9:13-17 "Are You Followers of the Bridegroom?" 6/9/2021
Matthew 9:9-13 "Christ Receieth Sinful Man" Pastor Ryan Snyder  5/30/2021
Matthew 9:1-8 "Christ Is Good - He Forgives Sins" Pastor Ryan Snyder  5/23/2021
Matthew 8:28-34 "Christ's Power over Demons" Pastor Ryan Snyder  5/16/2021
Matthew 8:23-27 "What Kind of Man Is This?" 5/9/2021
Matthew 8:18-22 "What Are Barriers to True Discipleship?" 5/2/2021
Matthew 8:14-17 "The Authority and Conpassion of Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder  4/25/2021
Matthew 8:5-13 "A Humble Man's Faith in a Great God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  4/18/2021
Matthew 8:1-4 "What Does Jesus' Healing Mean to You?" 4/11/2021
1 Corinthians 15:12-19 "What If There Is No Resurrection?" 4/4/2021
Matthew 7:28-29 "The Person of Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder 3/28/2021
Matthew 7:24-29. "Do We Confess How Easliy We're Decieved?" 3/21/2021
Matthew 7:16-20  "Do We Truly Worship God?" 3/14/2021
Matthew 7:21-23  "Signs and Causes of Self-Deception"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 3/7/2021
Matthew 7:21-23. "False Peace with God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder   2/21/2021
Matthew 7:16-20 "Can You Recognize a False Teacher?" 2/14/2021
Matthew 7:15. "Can We Discern a False Teacher?" 2/7/2021
Matthew 7:13-14 "The Narrow Gate-A Call to Action" Pastor Ryan Snyder  1/31/2021
Matthew 7:13-14 "The Narrow Gate-Count the Cost"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  1/24/2021
Matthew 7:12 "The Golden Rule- Showing Our Sonship "  Padtor Ryan Snyder  1/17/2021
Matthew 7:7-11 "Are We Asking for the Right Things?" 1/10/2021
Matthew 7:1-6  "Do We Judge with Godly Vision?" 1/3/2021
Matthew 1:18-25 "Joseph: Naming the Baby"    Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/27/2020
Isaiah 7:14, 9:2-6  "The Christ of Christmas"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/23/2020
Luke 1:26-39 "Mary: Faith in God Alone to Save Sinners" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/20/2020
Luke 2:8-20 "Why Me, a Lowly  Shepherd?" 12/13/2020
Luke 2:1-7 "Have You Missed Your Day of Visitation?" 12/6/2020
Matthew 6:25-34  "Do Not Worry"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/29/2020
Matthew 6:19-24  "The Danger of Worldliness"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/22/2020
John 3:16 "Are You in God's Wrath?" 11/15/2020
John 3:16 "Are You Perishing?" 11/8/2020
Matthew 6:13. "Conclusion: Praise to God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/1/2020
Matthew 6:13 "Do We Pray for Protection from Temptation?" 10/25/2020.
Matthew 6:12 "Do We Pray for Forgiveness Daily?" 10/18/2020
Luke 7:11-17 "Christ is the Resurrection and the Life" Pastor Ryan Snyder  10/11/2020
Mark 8:22-26. "Healing in Stages"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/4/2020
Matthew 6:11  "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/27/2020
Matthew 6:10  "Your Will Be Done, On Earth as It Is in Heaven"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/20/2020
Matthew 6:10a "Which Kingdom Do You Belong?" 9/13/2020
Matthew 6:9 "Do We Hallow God's Name?" 9/6/2020
Matthew 6:9a  "The Preface of the Lord's Prayer"  PastorRyan Snyder 8/30/2020
Matthew 6:16-18 "Fasting"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 8/23/2020
Matthew 6:5-8. "Prayer That Pleases God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 8/16/2020
Matthew 6:1-4 "Do We Practice Piety [Righteosness]?" 8/9/2020
Matthew 5:43-48 "What More Are We Doing Than Other?" 8/2/2020
Matthew 5:38-42  "Dead to Self, But Alive to God"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 7/26/2020
Matthew 5:38-42  "The Law of Retaliation"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 7/19/2020
Matthew 5:33-37 "Is It Right to Speak an Oath?"m 7/12/2020
Matthew 5:31-32  "Are Christian Divorce and Remarriage Ever Permissible?" 7/5/2020
Matthew 5:29-30  "How Should We Deal with Sin?"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/28/2020
Matthew 5:27-30  "The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/21/2020
Habakkuk1:1-4  "Is Your Faith Increasing or Your Fear?" 6/14/2020
Luke 24:50-53  "The Ascension of Christ"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/17/2020
Matthew 28:6  "Is Jesus Alive or Dead? 4/10/2020
Book of Habakkuk   "How Should Christians Respond to the Coronavirus?" 3/24/2020
Matthew 5:21-26  "You Shall Not Murder" Pastor Ryan Snyder 3/15/2020
Matthew 5:20  "Is Your Righteosness More Than the Pharisees?" 3/8/2020
Mattew 5:19  "What Is Your Respons