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Sermons 2022

CHRISTMAS - John 1:29-34 "Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/25/2022
CHRISTMAS - John 1:14-18 "Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Lord" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/18/2022
CHRISTMAS - John 1:6-13 "Is the True Light Shining in You?" 12/11/2022
CHRISTMAS - John 1:1-5 "Who is the Babe in the Manger?" 12/04/2022
Matthew 21:33-46 "Judgment for Rejecting Jesus as the Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/27/2022
Matthew 21:23-32 "The Authority of Jesus Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/20/2022
Matthew 21:18-22 "Christian, Are You Bearing Fruit?" 11/13/2022
Matthew 21:12-17 "What Is True Religion?" 11/6/2022
Matthew 21:1-11 "Saved From What?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/30/2022
Matthew 20:29-34 "We Are All Beggars, That Is True" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/23/2022
Matthew 20:20-28 "Godly Humility Is the Pathway To True Glory" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/16/2022
Matthew 20:17-19 "Is There a "Divine Must" in Your Life?" 10/9/2022
Mattthew 19:30-20:16 "How Does God View Salvation?" 10/2/2022
Matthew 19:23-30 "God Alone Saves Sinners" Pastor Ryan Snyder  9/25/2022
Matthew 19:16-22 "God's Law Brings Life, But Only in Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/18/2022
Matthew 19:13-15 "Are You a Relational Christian?" 9/11/2022
Matthew 19:11-12 "What Is Your Calling from God?" 9/4/2022
Matthew 19:1-9 "Marriage Is God's Creation, Not Divorce" Pastor Ryan Snyder  8/28/2022
Matthew 18:21-35 "Forgiveness Is the Chief Mark of God's Children" Pastor Ryan Snyder  8/21/2022
Matthew 18:15-20 "Why the Need for Church Discipline?" 8/14/2022
Matthew 18:10-14 "Do We Care for Weak Chistians?" 8/7/2022
Matthew 18:5-9 "The Danger of Causing a Christian to Sin" Pastor Ryan Snyder  7/31/2022
Matthew 18:1-4 "Self-Denial Involves Humility" Pastor Ryan Snyder  7/24/2022
Matthew 17:14-27 "It's Not All About Our Rights " Pastor Ryan Snyder  7/17/2022
Matthew 17:22-23 "Christian, Do You Love the Cross?" 7/10/2022
Matthew 17:14-21 "Where is Your Faith Centered?" 7/3/2022
Matthew 16:28-17:13 "Joy in the Glory of Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder  6/26/2022
Matthew 16:24-27 "Living for the Things of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder  6/19/2022
Matthew 16:21-23 "What Is the Cross to You?" 6/12/2022
Matthew 16:18-20 "Are You a Member of Christ's Church?" 6/5/2022
Matthew 16:13-17 "Who Is Jesus?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/29/2022
Matthew 16:5-12 "The State of Those Given Spiritual Sight" Pastor Ryan Snyder  5/22/2022
Matthew 16:1-4 "The State of the Spiritually Blind" Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/15/2022
Matthew 15:32-39 "Are We Compassionate Like Jesus?" 5/8/2022
Matthew 15:29-31 "Are We Like Jesus?" 5/1/2022
Matthew 15:21-28 "The Qualities of Great Faith" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/24/2022
2 Timothy 2:8 "Christ's Resurrection Calls Us to Faithfulness" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/17/2022
Matthew 15:12-20 "Do You Understand the Dispute about Defilement?" 4/10/2022
Matthew 15:1-11 "Do We Obey the Apostolic Tradition, Scripture?" 4/3/2022
Matthew 14:23-33 "Called to Worship Christ, the Son of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder  3/27/2022
Matthew 14:13-21 "Where Is Your Focus?" Pastor Ryan Snyder  3/20/2022
Matthew 14:1-12 "Who Do You Fear?" 3/13/2022
Matthew 13:53-58 "What Is Your Relationship to Jesus?" 3/6/2022
Matthew 13:47-52 "Are You Ready for God's Final Judgment?" Pastor Ryan Snyder  2/27/2022
Matthew 13:44-46 "Is Christ Your Treasure?"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  2/20/2022
Matthew 13:31-35 "Are We on Guard Against Satan?" 2/13/2022
Matthew 12:24-30 "Are You a Weed or a Wheat?"  2/6/2022
Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23 "Who Receives Jesus as the Christ?" Pastor Ryan Snyder  1/30/2022
Matthew 13:1-3a, 10-17  "Parables:Christ's Glory Revealed and Concealed"  Pastor Ryan Snyder  1/23/3022
Ecclesiastes 12:8-14 "Pastoral Wisdom" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/16/2022
Mathew 12:46-50 "Who Do You Love the Most?" 1/9/2022
Matthew 12:43-45 "Is Your Repentance Real?" 1/2/2022




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