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Colossians 1:20 "God's Plan of Reconciliation for Nature" Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/16/2024
Colossians 1:18 "Christ's Relation to the Church" Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/9/2024
Colossians 1:15-17 "Why Should We See Jesus as Creator?" Pastor Ron Snyder 6/2/2024
Colossians 1:15 "Christ is the Perfect Image of God the Father" Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/26/2024
Colossians 1:14 "Are You Thankful for God's Redemption?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/19/2024
Colossians 1:13 "Are You Thankful for God's Deliverance?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/12/2024
Colossians 1:12 - TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - NO RECORDING 5/5/2024  
Colossians 1:11 "Are You Displaying God's Power During Trials?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/28/2024
Colossians 1:10c "Are You Increasing in the Knowledge of God?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/21/2024
Colossians 1:10b "Are You Living a Profitable Life in God's Eyes?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/14/2024
Colossians 1:10 "Christian, Is Your Life a Worthy Walk?" Pastor Ron Snyder 4/7/2024
EASTER - Acts 17:16-34 "Why Proclaim Jesus and the Resurrection?" Pastor Ryan 3/31/2024
Colossians 1:9b-14 "Are You Filled with the Knowledge of God's Will?" Pastor Ryan 3/24/2024
Colossians 1:9a "Do You See God's Glorious Providence Everywhere?" Pastor Ryan 3/17/2024
Colossians 1:7-8 "As Slaves of Christ, We Minister to Him and His Body" Pastor Ryan 3/10/2024
Colossians 1:6 "What Characterizes the Living Gospel?" Pastor Ron Snyder 3/3/2024
Colossians 1:5 "Suffering for Christ is Where Greater Riches Are Found" Pastor Ryan 2/25/2024
Colossians 1:4b "Are You Converted?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 2/18/2024
Colossians 1:3-4a "The Importance of Doctrine" Pastor Ryan Snyder 2/11/2024
Colossians 1:2 "Are You a Definite Christian?" Pastor Ron Snyder 2/4/2024
Colossians 1:1b "Adoption, the Highest Blessing" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/28/2024
Colossians 1:1 "Of Jesus Christ by the Will of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/21/2024
Colossians 1:1a "Receive This Letter as the Word of God" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/14/2024
Colossians 2:6-7 "Why Study Colossians?" Pastor Ron Snyder 1/7/2024
NEW YEARS - Psalm 90 "There Is a Happiness that Makes You Serious" Pastor Ryan 12/31/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 2:19 "The Ponder of Amazement" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/24/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 2:11, 15-18, 20 "The Proclamation of Affirmation" Pastor Ryan 12/17/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 1:19; 2:8-14 "The Praise of Angels" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/10/2023
CHRISTMAS - Matthew 1:21 "The Purpose of the Advent" Pastor Ron Snyder 12/3/2023



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