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Sermons 2023

NEW YEARS - Psalm 90 "There Is a Happiness that Makes You Serious" Pastor Ryan 12/31/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 2:19 "The Ponder of Amazement" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/24/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 2:11, 15-18, 20 "The Proclamation of Affirmation" Pastor Ryan 12/17/2023
CHRISTMAS - Luke 1:19; 2:8-14 "The Praise of Angels" Pastor Ryan Snyder 12/10/2023
CHRISTMAS - Matthew 1:21 "The Purpose of the Advent" Pastor Ron Snyder 12/3/2023
Matthew 28:16-20 "The Central Mission of the Church, Inside and Out" Pastor Ryan 11/26/2023
Matthew 28:11-15 "Reasons for the Hope Within Us" Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/19/2023
Matthew 28:1-10 "Christ's Bodily Resurrection from the Dead" Pastor Ryan Snyder 11/12/2023
Matthew 27:57-66 "Are You a Disciple or Denier? Pastor Ron Snyder 11/5/2023
Matthew 27:45-56 "God's Commentary on the Cross of Christ" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/29/2023
Matthew 27:27-44 "Various Responses to Christ's Crucifixion" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/22/2023
Matthew 27:11-26 "Pilate's Cowardice and Christ's Courage" Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/15/2023
Matthew 27:1-10 "What Should a Cursed, Guilty Sinner Do? Pastor Ryan Snyder 10/8/2023
Matthew 26:69-75 "Does Peter's Denial Speak to Our Discipleship" Pastor Ron Snyder 10/1/2023
Matthew 26:57-68 "Do You Believe Jesus Is the Christ, the Son of God?" Pastor Ryan 9/24/2023
Matthew 26:47-56 "Christ Was in Control Over His Betrayal and Arrest" Pastor Ryan 9/17/2023
Matthew 26:36-46 "How to Face Temptation: Watch and Pray" Pastor Ryan Snyder 9/10/2023
Matthew 26:31-35 "What Caused Peter's Denial of Jesus?" Pastor Ron Snyder 9/3/2023
Matthew 26:26-30 "The Passover Feast Fulfilled as The Lord's Supper" Pastor Ryan 8/27/2023
Matthew 26:17-25 "Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb" Pastor Ryan Snyder 8/20/2023
Matthew 26:1-16 "What is Christ Worth?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 8/13/2023
Matthew 25:41-46 "The Horrors of Hell" Pastor Ryan Snyder 8/6/2023
Matthew 25:31-46 "Are You Ready for Judgment Day?" Pastor Ron Snyder 7/30/2023
Matthew 25:24-25 "Do You Truly Know the Goodness of God?" 7/23/2023
Matthew 25:14-30 "Are You a Faithful Servant?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 7/16/2023
Matthew 25:1-13 "Are You Living Foolishly or Wisely?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 7/9/2023
Matthew 24:45-51 "What Kind of Slave Are You?" 7/2/2023
Matthew 24:36-44 "We Need a Place to Stand" Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/25/2023
Matthew 24:35 "We Need a Place to Stand" Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/18/2023
Matthew 24:32-35 "Seeing the Signs of God's Coming Judgment" Pastor Ryan Snyder 6/11/2023
Matthew 24:29-31 "Does Jesus' Coming Comfort or Terrorize You?" 6/4/2023
Matthew 24:15-28 "Fall of Jerusalem, A Type of Christ's Second Coming"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 5/28/2023
I Corinthians 12:13-14 "What is a Church Fellowship?" 5/21/2023
Matthew 24:4-14 "What Are Warnings of Christ's Second Coming?" 5/14/2023
Matthew 24:1-3 "Are You Ready for the Lord's Return?" 5/7/2023
Matthew 23:29-36  "The Condemnation of False Teachers" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/23/2023
Luke 23:46 "Be Content as Christ at the Cross" Pastor Ryan Snyder 4/16/2023
John 19:30 "What Did Jesus Finish?" 4/9/2023
John 19:28-29 "Who Can Satisfy Our Thirst?" 4/2/2023
Matthew 27:45-46 "The Anguish of Christ, Our Substitute" Pastor Ryan Snyder  3/26/2023
John 19:25-27 "The Affection of Christ. Our Righteousness" Pastor Ryan Snyder  3/19/2023
Luke 23:39-43 "Do You Know How to Be Saved?" 3/12/2023
 Luke 23:34 "Do We Forgive Others, Even Enemies?" 3/5/2023
Matthew 23:23-28 "Hypocrites Set Their Minds on Earthly Things, Not Christ"  Pastor Ryan Snyder 2/26/2023
Matthew 23:13-22 "Christ's Warning About Hypocrisy" Pastor Ryan Snyder  2/19/2023
Matthew 23:1-12 "What Charaterizes True Leaders from False?" 2/12/2023
 Maththew 22:41-46 "Whose Son is Jesus?" 2/5/2023
Matthew 22:34-40 "The Priority of Core Gospel Truths" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/29/2023
Matthew 22:23-33 "Is the Resurrection  Absurd?" Pasrtor Ryan Snyder 1/22/2023
Matthew 22:15-22 "Are You Against Israel or Rome?" Pastor Ryan Snyder 1/15/2023
Matthew 22:9-14 "What's Your Response to the Gospel Invitation?" 1/8/2023
Matthew 22:1-8 "Will You Eat at Jesus' Wedding Feast?" 1/1/2023




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