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Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning
9:30 am - Sunday School/Bible Study
10:45 am - Worship
Sunday Night
6 pm - Grace for Living Bible Study, Grace Kids & Fellowship

Wednesday Night
7 pm - Growing in Grace Bible Study & Prayer

Friday Night
6:30 pm - Youth Group

Saturday Morning
9:15 am - ESL - English as a Second Language with Bible  


Monthly Schedule:
One Saturday per month 7 pm - Grace for Grace Prayer meeting

Common Special Events (see Grace Baptist's Facebook Page for specific dates):

Spring - Easter Service & Share-a-Dish Meal

Summer - Karen School with a Church Picnic
Summer - Church trip to Duluth & Lake Superior

Fall - Church bonfire
November - Thanksgiving & Share-a-Dish Meal
November - Sweet December & Share-a-Dish Meal

December - Christmas Program & Share-a-Dish Meal
December - Ladies' Christmas - Crafts, Cooking, Food at Grace Baptist
December - Christmas Eve Service & Share-a-Dish Meal 
December - New Year's Eve Service

Anytime - Baby Showers & Share-a-Dish Meal

Preaching and Teaching are Exegetical

Sunday AM - Gospel according to Luke     (& Bible Characters for Pre-school Children)
Sunday PM - Book of Hebrews   (& Old Testament for Grace Kids)

Sunday School
Adults - Gospel of John with translation in Karen as needed
Young Adults - Biblical Ethics
Youth - Key Bible Teachings
Grade School - ABC's of God [Children Desiring God]
Pre-school - New Testament

Wednesday Bible Study - Psalms

“By expository preaching, l mean that method of pulpit discourse which consists in the consecutive interpretation, and practical enforcement, of a book of sacred canon... Exposition is the presentation to the people, in an intelligible and forcible manner of the meaning of the sacred writer... it is the honest answer which the preacher gives, after faithful study, to these questions, 'What is the mind of the Holy Spirit in this passage? What is its bearing on related Christian truths, or on the life and conversation of the Christian himself?'” The Ministry of The Word by William Taylor (quoted in The MacArthur N.T. Commentary on ll Timothy)

Soldier's Sword is weekly Bible memory for everyone, in English & Karen.
First week of month- Psalm 119:67
Second week of month - Psalm 119:68
Third week of month - Psalm 119:104
Fourth week - review of each verse
"Your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You." Psalms 119:11


Grace Baptist Sample Bulletin
Pastor Ron Snyder & Pastor Ryan Snyder

Sunday School - 9:30
Morning Worship - 10:45

“They spoke the Word of God with boldness.“ Acts 4:31

Approach God in Worship
Piano Prelude: Quiet your heart before God; prepare for worship.
Announcements, Soldier’s Sword & Catechesis
Call to Worship: Psalm 97:1-7 [& Karen]
Hymn: #4 ‘To God Be the Glory’ [& Karen]
Celebrate God’s Grace
Songs: Sb #34 ’O, Mighty Cross’

Sb #89 ’I Stand in Awe’
Sb #94 ‘Jesus, You Are My Life’

Hymn: #445 'Sweet Hour of Prayer' [v1 English & Karen]
Pastoral Prayer
Youth Choir: 'Love Me Back' [English Translation]
God Speaks in His Word
Hymn: #481 ‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross’
Scripture: Acts 14:1-7 [& Karen]
Message: ‘Do We Have the Mettle to Be Messiah‘s Messengers?‘
Theme: Whomever God calls, He enables.
Response to God’s Word
Hymn: #494 ’Take up Your Cross’
Doxology: Sb #85 ’May the Lord’

Soldier’s Sword [English & Karen]
Psalm 86:12 I will praise You, O Lord my God, With all my heart, And I will glorify Your name forevermore.
Catechesis [from A Baptist Catechism, J. Piper's revision of The Baptist Catechism of 1689]
Question #30: How does Christ perform the office of a king?
Answer: Christ performs the office of a king in subduing us to Himself, in ruling and defending us, and in restraining and conquering all His and our enemies.



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